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IBM laptop batteries

1Please press "Ctrl+F" to find the battery for your IBM laptop by Model Name or Battery Part Number.
2Find by IBM Laptop Batteries Part Numbers
2How to find one correct battery for my laptop?
N series N6210
System Storage DS5020
ThinkPad 1720
Thinkpad 240
ThinkPad 240 Series
Thinkpad 240X
ThinkPad 240x Series
ThinkPad 240Z
ThinkPad 240z Series
Thinkpad 310
ThinkPad 310D
ThinkPad 310E
ThinkPad 310ED
ThinkPad 315
ThinkPad 315E
Thinkpad 365
Thinkpad 365C
Thinkpad 365CD
Thinkpad 365CS
Thinkpad 365CSD
Thinkpad 365E
Thinkpad 365ED
Thinkpad 365X
Thinkpad 365XD
Thinkpad 380
ThinkPad 380CE
ThinkPad 380CS
ThinkPad 380CSE
Thinkpad 380D
Thinkpad 380D-MMX
Thinkpad 380E
Thinkpad 380ED
ThinkPad 380X
Thinkpad 380XD
Thinkpad 380Z
Thinkpad 383XD
Thinkpad 385
Thinkpad 385CD
Thinkpad 385D
Thinkpad 385D-MMX
ThinkPad 385E
Thinkpad 385ED
ThinkPad 385X
ThinkPad 385XD
Thinkpad 390
Thinkpad 390E
Thinkpad 390X
Thinkpad 535
Thinkpad 560
Thinkpad 560C
Thinkpad 560X
Thinkpad 560Z
Thinkpad 570
Thinkpad 570E
Thinkpad 600
ThinkPad 600A
ThinkPad 600D
Thinkpad 600E
Thinkpad 600X
ThinkPad 600X-2645-5EU
ThinkPad 660
Thinkpad 701
Thinkpad 701C
Thinkpad 701CS
Thinkpad 770
ThinkPad 770D
ThinkPad 770E
ThinkPad 770ED
ThinkPad 770X
ThinkPad 770Z
ThinkPad A20
ThinkPad A20M
ThinkPad A20P
ThinkPad A21
ThinkPad A21e
ThinkPad A21e-2628 Series(not include ThinkPad A21e - 2655 Series)
ThinkPad A21e-2632 Series
ThinkPad A21e-2655 Series
ThinkPad A21M
ThinkPad A21P
ThinkPad A22
ThinkPad A22e
ThinkPad A22e-2655 Series
ThinkPad A22M
ThinkPad A22P
ThinkPad A30 Series
ThinkPad A30P
ThinkPad A31
ThinkPad A31P
ThinkPad G40-2384
ThinkPad G40-2387
ThinkPad G40-2388
ThinkPad G40-2389
ThinkPad G41
ThinkPad G41-2881
ThinkPad G41-2882
ThinkPad G41-2886
ThinkPad i 1400 Model: 2621-XXX
ThinkPad i 1400 Model: 2651-XXX
ThinkPad I 1418
ThinkPad I 1420
ThinkPad I 1421
ThinkPad I 1441
ThinkPad I 1442
ThinkPad I 1460
ThinkPad I 1480
ThinkPad I 1482
ThinkPad i 1500 Model: 2621-XXX
ThinkPad i1200-1161
ThinkPad i1210
ThinkPad i1211
ThinkPad i1241
ThinkPad i1251
ThinkPad i1271
ThinkPad i1310
ThinkPad i1321
ThinkPad i1340
ThinkPad i1351
ThinkPad i1361
ThinkPad i1391
ThinkPad i1400
ThinkPad i1412
ThinkPad i1418
ThinkPad i1420
ThinkPad i1421
ThinkPad i1441
ThinkPad i1442
ThinkPad i1452
ThinkPad i1460
ThinkPad i1470
ThinkPad i1472
ThinkPad i1476
ThinkPad i1480
ThinkPad i1482
ThinkPad i1500
ThinkPad i1500 Model:2651-XXX
ThinkPad i1500 Series
ThinkPad i1541
ThinkPad i1542
ThinkPad i1552
ThinkPad i1560
ThinkPad i1700 Series
ThinkPad i1720
ThinkPad i1721
ThinkPad i1750
ThinkPad i1800-2628 Series(not include ThinkPad i1800-2655 Series)
ThinkPad i1800-2632 Series
ThinkPad i1800-2655 Series
Thinkpad R30
ThinkPad R30 Series)
Thinkpad R31
ThinkPad R31 Series
ThinkPad R32 Series
ThinkPad R40 Series
ThinkPad R40e Series(Not Applicable ThinkPad R40 Series
ThinkPad R40E-2684
ThinkPad R40E-2685
ThinkPad R50 1831
ThinkPad R50 1832
ThinkPad R50 1833
ThinkPad R50 1836
ThinkPad R50 1840
ThinkPad R50 1841
ThinkPad R50 2883
ThinkPad R50 2887
ThinkPad R50 2888
ThinkPad R50 2889
ThinkPad R50 2894
ThinkPad R50 2895
ThinkPad R50-1829
ThinkPad R50-1830
ThinkPad R50E
ThinkPad R50E-1834
ThinkPad R50E-1842
ThinkPad R50e-1844
ThinkPad R50e-1845
ThinkPad R50e-1846
ThinkPad R50e-1847
ThinkPad R50e-1848
ThinkPad R50e-1849
ThinkPad R50e-1850
ThinkPad R50e-1858
ThinkPad R50e-1859
ThinkPad R50e-1860
ThinkPad R50e-1862
ThinkPad R50e-1863
ThinkPad R50e-1870
ThinkPad R50P
ThinkPad R50p 1829
ThinkPad R50p 1830
ThinkPad R50p 1831
ThinkPad R50p 1832
ThinkPad R50p 1833
ThinkPad R50p 1840
ThinkPad R50p 1841
ThinkPad R50p 2883
ThinkPad R50p 2887
ThinkPad R50p 2888
ThinkPad R50p 2889
ThinkPad R50p 2894
ThinkPad R50p 2895
ThinkPad R50p1836
ThinkPad R51 1829
ThinkPad R51 1832
ThinkPad R51 1833
ThinkPad R51 1840
ThinkPad R51 1841
ThinkPad R51 2894
ThinkPad R51 2895
ThinkPad R51-1830
ThinkPad R51-1831
ThinkPad R51-1836
ThinkPad R51-2883
ThinkPad R51-2887
ThinkPad R51-2888
ThinkPad R51-2889
ThinkPad R51e 1844
ThinkPad R51e-1834
ThinkPad R51e-1842
ThinkPad R51e-1845
ThinkPad R51e-1846
ThinkPad R51e-1847
ThinkPad R51e-1848
ThinkPad R51e-1849
ThinkPad R51e-1850
ThinkPad R51e-1858
ThinkPad R51e-1859
ThinkPad R51e-1860
ThinkPad R51e-1861
ThinkPad R51e-1862
ThinkPad R51e-1863
ThinkPad R51e-1870
ThinkPad R52 1843
ThinkPad R52 1844
ThinkPad R52 1845
ThinkPad R52 1850
ThinkPad R52 1862
ThinkPad R52 1863
ThinkPad R52 1870
ThinkPad R52-1846
ThinkPad R52-1847
ThinkPad R52-1848
ThinkPad R52-1849
ThinkPad R52-1858
ThinkPad R52-1859
ThinkPad R52-1860
ThinkPad R52-1861
ThinkPad R60 0656
ThinkPad R60 0657
ThinkPad R60 0658
ThinkPad R60 0659
ThinkPad R60 9444
ThinkPad R60 9445
ThinkPad R60 9446
ThinkPad R60 9447
ThinkPad R60 9455
ThinkPad R60 9456
ThinkPad R60 9457
ThinkPad R60 9458
ThinkPad R60 9459
ThinkPad R60 9460
ThinkPad R60 9461
ThinkPad R60 9462
ThinkPad R60 9463
ThinkPad R60 9464
ThinkPad R60e 0656
ThinkPad R60e 0657
ThinkPad R60e 0658
ThinkPad R60e 0659
ThinkPad R60e 9444
ThinkPad R60e 9445
ThinkPad R60e 9446
ThinkPad R60e 9447
ThinkPad R60e 9455
ThinkPad R60e 9456
ThinkPad R60e 9457
ThinkPad R60e 9458
ThinkPad R60e 9459
ThinkPad R60e 9460
ThinkPad R60e 9461
ThinkPad R60e 9462
ThinkPad R60e 9463
ThinkPad R60e 9464
ThinkPad T20 Series
ThinkPad T21 Series
ThinkPad T22 Series
ThinkPad T23 Series
ThinkPad T30 Series
ThinkPad T40-2373
ThinkPad T40-2374
ThinkPad T40P
ThinkPad T41P
ThinkPad T42P
ThinkPad T43 1871
ThinkPad T43 2668
ThinkPad T43-1876
ThinkPad T43P
ThinkPad T43P-2668
ThinkPad T60 1951
ThinkPad T60 1952
ThinkPad T60 1953
ThinkPad T60 1954
ThinkPad T60 1955
ThinkPad T60 1956
ThinkPad T60 2007
ThinkPad T60 2008
ThinkPad T60 2009
ThinkPad T60 2613
ThinkPad T60 2623
ThinkPad T60 2637
ThinkPad T60 6369
ThinkPad T60 6371
ThinkPad T60 6372
ThinkPad T60 8741
ThinkPad T60 8743
ThinkPad T60 8744
ThinkPad T60p 1951
ThinkPad T60p 1952
ThinkPad T60p 1953
ThinkPad T60p 1954
ThinkPad T60p 1955
ThinkPad T60p 1956
ThinkPad T60p 2007
ThinkPad T60p 2008
ThinkPad T60p 2009
ThinkPad T60p 2613
ThinkPad T60p 2623
ThinkPad T60p 2637
ThinkPad X20
ThinkPad X200
ThinkPad X200 Tablet
ThinkPad X200-2047
ThinkPad X200-2263
ThinkPad X200-2266
ThinkPad X200-3093
ThinkPad X200-4184
ThinkPad X200-7448
ThinkPad X200-7449
ThinkPad X200-7450
ThinkPad X200-7453
ThinkPad X200s
ThinkPad X200T
ThinkPad X201 Tablet
ThinkPad X201-0053
ThinkPad X201-0831
ThinkPad X201-2985
ThinkPad X201-3113
ThinkPad X201-3144
ThinkPad X201-3239
ThinkPad X201T
ThinkPad X21
ThinkPad X22
ThinkPad X23
ThinkPad X24
ThinkPad X30 Series(Not Applicable Thinkpad X20
ThinkPad X30-2672
ThinkPad X300
ThinkPad X300 Series
ThinkPad X301
ThinkPad X301 Series
ThinkPad X31 Series(Not ApplicableThinkpad X20
ThinkPad x32
ThinkPad X40
Thinkpad X40 2371
Thinkpad X40 2372
Thinkpad X40 2382
Thinkpad X40 2386
ThinkPad X40T
ThinkPad X41
ThinkPad X41 1864
ThinkPad X41 1865
ThinkPad X41 2525
ThinkPad X41 2526
ThinkPad X41 2527
ThinkPad X41 2528
ThinkPad X41 Tablet 1866
ThinkPad X41 Tablet 1867
ThinkPad X41 Tablet 1869
ThinkPad X41T
ThinkPad X60 1706
ThinkPad X60 1707
ThinkPad X60 1708
ThinkPad X60 1709
ThinkPad X60 2509
ThinkPad X60 2510
ThinkPad X60s 1702
ThinkPad X60s 1703
ThinkPad X60s 1704
ThinkPad X60s 1705
ThinkPad X60s 2507
ThinkPad X60s 2508
ThinkPad X60s 2522
ThinkPad X60s 2524
ThinkPad X60s 2533
ThinkPad X61 7673
ThinkPad X61 7674
ThinkPad X61 7675
ThinkPad X61 7676
ThinkPad X61 7678
ThinkPad X61 7679
ThinkPad X61s 15th Anniversary Edition
ThinkPad X61s 7666
ThinkPad X61s 7667
ThinkPad X61s 7668
ThinkPad X61s 7669
ThinkPad X61s 767
ThinkPad X61s 7670
ThinkPad X61s 7671
ThinkPad Z60m 2529
ThinkPad Z60m 2530
ThinkPad Z60m 2531
ThinkPad Z60m 2532
ThinkPad Z60t 2511
ThinkPad Z60t 2512
ThinkPad Z60t 2513
ThinkPad Z60t 2514
ThinkPad Z61e
ThinkPad Z61e 0672
ThinkPad Z61e 0673
ThinkPad Z61e 0674
ThinkPad Z61e 9450
ThinkPad Z61e 9451
ThinkPad Z61e 9452
ThinkPad Z61e 9453
ThinkPad Z61m
ThinkPad Z61m 0672
ThinkPad Z61m 0673
ThinkPad Z61m 0674
ThinkPad Z61m 9450
ThinkPad Z61m 9451
ThinkPad Z61m 9452
ThinkPad Z61m 9453
ThinkPad Z61p
ThinkPad Z61p 0672
ThinkPad Z61p 0673
ThinkPad Z61p 0674
ThinkPad Z61p 9450
ThinkPad Z61p 9451
ThinkPad Z61p 9452
ThinkPad Z61t 9440
ThinkPad Z61t 9441
ThinkPad Z61t 9442
ThinkPad Z61t 9443
ThinkPad Z61t 9448
X24 SeriesNotebook)