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Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Voltage: DC 10.8V

Battery Capacity: 48WH

Battery Color: Black

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Price: $82.97
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1. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 7.2V and 7.4V are in common use.

2. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.

3. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

Compatible laptop charger p/n:
121001071, 121001089, 121001091, 121001094, 121001095, 121001096, 121001097, 121001150, 57Y6454, 57Y6455, L08S6Y21, L09C6Y02, L09L6Y02, L09M6Y02, L09N6Y02, L09S6Y02, L10C6Y02, L10M6F21, L10P6F21, L10P6Y22, LO9L6Y02, LO9S6Y02,
Fits Models:
B470, B470A, B470G, B570, B570A, B570G, G460, G460 06779UU, G460 06779XU G460A, G460A-IFI, G460A-ITH, G460G, G460L, G460L-IFI, G465, G465A, G470, G470A, G470AH, G470G, G475, G475A, G475E, G475G, G475L, G560, G560 M278ZUK, G560 M2792UK, G560A, G560E, G560G, G560L, G565, G565A, G565G, G565L, G570, G570A, G570AH, G570E, G570G, G575, G575A, G575E, G575G, G575L, G575M, IdeaPad B470, IdeaPad B470A, IdeaPad B470G, IdeaPad B570, IdeaPad B570A, IdeaPad B570G, IdeaPad G460, IdeaPad G460 0677, IdeaPad G460 20041, IdeaPad G460A, IdeaPad G460E, IdeaPad G460G, IdeaPad G465, IdeaPad G465A, IdeaPad G470, IdeaPad G470A, IdeaPad G470AH, IdeaPad G470G, IdeaPad G475, IdeaPad G475A, IdeaPad G475E, IdeaPad G475G, IdeaPad G475L, IdeaPad G560, IdeaPad G560 0679, IdeaPad G560A, IdeaPad G560E, IdeaPad G560G, IdeaPad G560L, IdeaPad G565, IdeaPad G565A, IdeaPad G565G, IdeaPad G565L, IdeaPad G570, IdeaPad G570A, IdeaPad G570AH, IdeaPad G570E, IdeaPad G570G, IdeaPad G575, IdeaPad G575A, IdeaPad G575E, IdeaPad G575G, IdeaPad G575L, IdeaPad G575M, IdeaPad V360, IdeaPad V360A, IdeaPad V360G, IdeaPad V370, IdeaPad V370A, IdeaPad V370G, IdeaPad V370P, IdeaPad V470, IdeaPad V470A, IdeaPad V470G, IdeaPad V470P, IdeaPad V570, IdeaPad V570A, IdeaPad V570G, IdeaPad V570P, IdeaPad Z370, IdeaPad Z370A, IdeaPad Z370A-BNI, IdeaPad Z370G, IdeaPad Z370G-ITH, IdeaPad Z460, IdeaPad Z460A, IdeaPad Z460G, IdeaPad Z460M, IdeaPad Z465, IdeaPad Z465A, IdeaPad Z465A-NEI, IdeaPad Z465A-NNI, IdeaPad Z465A-PNI, IdeaPad Z465A-PTH, IdeaPad Z465G, IdeaPad Z470, IdeaPad Z470A, IdeaPad Z470A-BNI, IdeaPad Z470A-IFI, IdeaPad Z470A-ITH, IdeaPad Z470AH, IdeaPad Z470G, IdeaPad Z475, IdeaPad Z560, IdeaPad Z560A, IdeaPad Z560G, IdeaPad Z560M, IdeaPad Z565, IdeaPad Z565A, IdeaPad Z565G, IdeaPad Z570, IdeaPad Z570A, IdeaPad Z570A-BNI, IdeaPad Z570A-IFI, IdeaPad Z570A-ITH, IdeaPad Z575, V360, V360A, V360G, V370, V370A, V370G, V370P, V470, V470A, V470A-IFI, V470G, V470P, V570, V570A, V570G, V570P,


1. Attention when use your new Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery
How much do you know about how to run laptop well as any place? The follow Tips cut way back on protecting laptop battery life.

Teach you how to do here:
1). When first time using Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery, Please carefully read the user manual about Battery maintain parts.
2). Please fully charge at most 12 hours in first battery charge time. Bcause it is need three/four times for charge/discharge cycles to get the maximum capacity of battery.
3). If without using notebook long time(more than 3 weeks) or found that your battery charge/discharge time become shorter and shorter, you have to fully discharge the battery before next time charge again.
4). It is better to keep the laptop power off during charge the pack. And don't unplugged power or using your notebook during the battery half-way charge. The best time using is 30 minutes fully charge later.
5). Keep your battery far away from damp,exposure,and erosion some chemical liquids and others to avoid making battery short-circuit.

2. Seven good tips of Prolong your Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery life:
1). Please recharge or change your laptop battery when battery power low.
2). Using Li-Ion Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery for your notebook which can work longer time than Non Li-ion one.
3). It is better to defragmentation regularly for your notebook battery life.
4). In order to reduce the laptop power consumpition, you can use some optical drive spin-down and hard drive in your laptop.
5). Please keep your laptop in sleep or standby model without long time using, which both save the Replacement LENOVO 121001071 Laptop Battery power and extend battery using life.
6). Leave your battery in a dry and cool condition when without using.
7). When you rarely or generally plugged in fixed power using, Please take down your battery to avoid hurting battery life.

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