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Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Voltage: DC 14.8V

Battery Capacity: 63WH

Battery Color: Black

Currency Converter:  
Price: $25.97
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1. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 7.2V and 7.4V are in common use.

2. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.

3. Li-Ion Notebook Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

Compatible laptop charger p/n:
113955-001, 294038-182, 319411-001N, 361742-001, 371785-001, 371786-001, 372114-001, 372114-002, 383615-001, 916-2150, 916-2160, 916-2310, BLP1199, F4098A, F4809-60901, F4809A, F4812A,
319411-001, 361742-001, F4809A,
Fits Models:
OmniBook XE4 Series, Omnibook XE4000, OmniBook XE4100 Series, OmniBook XE4100- F4641HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4641H, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4641J, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4642H, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4642J, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4643H, OmniBook XE4100-F4643HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4643HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4643J, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644H, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644J, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4646H, OmniBook XE4100-F4646J, OmniBook XE4100-F4647H, OmniBook XE4100-F4647J, OmniBook XE4100-F4648H, OmniBook XE4100-F4648J, OmniBook XE4100-F4649H, OmniBook XE4100-F4650HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4650JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4651H, OmniBook XE4100-F4651HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4651J, OmniBook XE4100-F4652H, OmniBook XE4100-F4652HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4652J, OmniBook XE4100-F4652JT, OmniBook XE4100-F5624JS, OmniBook XE4100-F5642HS, OmniBook XE4100-F6752JS, OmniBook XE4400 Series, OmniBook XE4400-F4636AV, OmniBook XE4400-F4665H, OmniBook XE4400-F4665J, OmniBook XE4400-F4666H, OmniBook XE4400-F4666HC, OmniBook XE4400-F4666HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4666J, OmniBook XE4400-F4666JC, OmniBook XE4400-F4667H, OmniBook XE4400-F4667HC, OmniBook XE4400-F4667HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4667J, OmniBook XE4400-F4667JC, OmniBook XE4400-F4670H, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HR, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HT, OmniBook XE4400-F4670JG, OmniBook XE4400-F4670JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HS, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HT, OmniBook XE4400-F4671J, OmniBook XE4400-F4671JG, OmniBook XE4400-F4671JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4673H, OmniBook XE4400-F4673J, OmniBook XE4400-F4674H, OmniBook XE4400-F4674J, OmniBook XE4400-F4675H, OmniBook XE4400-F5815HS, OmniBook XE4500 Series, OmniBook XE4500-F4869H, OmniBook XE4500-F4869HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4869HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4869J, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4870H, OmniBook XE4500-F4870HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4870HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4870J, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4871H, OmniBook XE4500-F4871HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4871HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4871J, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4872H, OmniBook XE4500-F4872HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4872HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4872J, OmniBook XE4500-F4872JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4872JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4873H, OmniBook XE4500-F4873HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4873HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4873J, OmniBook XE4500-F4873JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4873JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874H, 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ZE4515 Series, Pavilion ZE4516 Series, Pavilion ZE4516EA-DP845E, Pavilion ZE4518 Series, Pavilion ZE4518EA-DS436E, Pavilion ZE4519 Series, Pavilion ZE4519EA-DP820E, Pavilion ZE4520 Series, Pavilion ZE4520AP-DR026A, Pavilion ZE4520EA-DP813E, Pavilion ZE4521 Series, Pavilion ZE4521AP-DR027A, Pavilion ZE4521EA-DP793E, Pavilion ZE4521EA-DS440E, Pavilion ZE4522 Series, Pavilion ZE4522AP-DR028A, Pavilion ZE4522EA-DP816E, Pavilion ZE4522EA-DP819E, Pavilion ZE4523 Series, Pavilion ZE4523AP-DS449A, Pavilion ZE4523EA-DP814E, Pavilion ZE4524 Series, Pavilion ZE4524EA-DS439E, Pavilion ZE4525 Series, Pavilion ZE4525EA-DS441E, Pavilion ZE4525US-DR434U, Pavilion ZE4525US-DR434UR, Pavilion ZE4526 Series, Pavilion ZE4526EA-DS442E, Pavilion ZE4530 Series, Pavilion ZE4530US-DP460U, Pavilion ZE4530US-DP460UR, Pavilion ZE4540 Series, Pavilion ZE4540CA-DM756A, Pavilion ZE4540CA-DM756AR, Pavilion ZE4540US-DM752A, Pavilion ZE4540US-DM752AR, Pavilion ZE4545 Series, Pavilion ZE4545US-DR435U, Pavilion ZE4545US-DR435UR, Pavilion ZE4546 Series, Pavilion ZE4546SR-DP463U, Pavilion ZE4546SR-DP463UR, Pavilion ZE4547 Series, Pavilion ZE4547WM-DM753A, Pavilion ZE4547WM-DM753AR, Pavilion ZE4550 Series, Pavilion ZE4550ST-DR433U, Pavilion ZE4560 Series, Pavilion ZE4560US-DM736A, Pavilion ZE4560US-DM736AR, Pavilion ZE4565 Series, Pavilion ZE456QV-DP450U, Pavilion ZE4600 Series, Pavilion ZE4600-DP657AV, Pavilion ZE4601 Series, Pavilion ZE4601US-DS519U, Pavilion ZE4601US-DS519UR, Pavilion ZE4603 Series, Pavilion ZE4603EA-DV233E, Pavilion ZE4604 Series, Pavilion ZE4604EA-DV230E, Pavilion ZE4605 Series, Pavilion ZE4605EA-DV231E, Pavilion ZE4610 Series, Pavilion ZE4610EA-DV232E, Pavilion ZE4610US-DS518U, Pavilion ZE4610US-DS518UR, Pavilion ZE4612 Series, Pavilion ZE4612EA-DV234E, Pavilion ZE4614 Series, Pavilion ZE4614EA-DV229E, Pavilion ZE4615 Series, Pavilion ZE4615EA-DV228E, Pavilion ZE4615EA-DV235E, Pavilion ZE4630 Series, Pavilion ZE4630US-DS520U, Pavilion ZE4630US-DS520UR, Pavilion ZE4631EA-DV236E, Pavilion ZE4700-DU928AV, Pavilion ZE4710 Series, Pavilion ZE4710EA-PB786EA, Pavilion ZE4715EA-PB782EA, Pavilion ZE4717EA-PB783EA, Pavilion ZE4717EA-PB784EA, Pavilion ZE4718 Series, Pavilion ZE4718EA-PB781EA, Pavilion ZE4719EA-PB787EA, Pavilion ZE4720 Series, Pavilion ZE4725 Series, Pavilion ZE4725EA-PB785EA, Pavilion ZE4800-PC768AV, Pavilion ZE4800-PC769AV, Pavilion ZE4801EA-PB790EA, Pavilion ZE4805US-PF175UA, Pavilion ZE4805US-PF175UAR, Pavilion ZE4805WM-PF176UA, Pavilion ZE4805WM-PF176UAR, Pavilion ZE4815EA-PB792EA, Pavilion ZE4819EA-PB791EA, Pavilion ZE4820EA-PB789EA, Pavilion ZE4821EA-PB793EA, Pavilion ZE4900, Pavilion ZE4900 Series, Pavilion ZE4900-PF745AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PF746AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PK793AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PM249AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PM250AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PN312AV, Pavilion ZE4900-PN313AV, Pavilion ZE4901EA-PJ914EA, Pavilion ZE4901EA-PJ927EA, Pavilion ZE4901US-PM036UA, Pavilion ZE4901US-PM036UAR, Pavilion ZE4901XX-PH852AS, Pavilion ZE4902EA-PJ926EA, Pavilion ZE4902XX-PH853AS, Pavilion ZE4903EA-PN621EA, Pavilion ZE4903US-PM034UA, Pavilion ZE4903US-PM034UAR, Pavilion ZE4904EA-PJ915EA, Pavilion ZE4904US-PM042UA, Pavilion ZE4904US-PM042UAR, Pavilion ZE4905EA-PJ912EA, Pavilion ZE4906EA-PJ947EA, Pavilion ZE4906EA-PN623EA, Pavilion ZE4906US-PM035UA, Pavilion ZE4906US-PM035UAR, Pavilion ZE4907EA-PJ943EA, Pavilion ZE4907EA-PQ842EA, Pavilion ZE4907WM-B-PM039UA, Pavilion ZE4907WM-B-PM039UAR, Pavilion ZE4908EA-PJ944EA, Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UA, Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UAR, Pavilion ZE4910EA-PJ911EA, Pavilion ZE4910EA-PJ931EA, Pavilion ZE4910LA-PN958LA, Pavilion ZE4910US-M033UA, Pavilion ZE4910US-PM033UAR, Pavilion ZE4911EA-PJ933EA, Pavilion ZE4911EA-PJ934EA, Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UA, Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UAR, Pavilion ZE4912EA-PJ939EA, Pavilion ZE4913EA-PJ937EA, Pavilion ZE4914EA-PJ918EA, Pavilion ZE4915EA-PJ919EA, Pavilion ZE4916EA-PJ935EA, Pavilion ZE4917EA-PJ942EA, Pavilion ZE4918EA-PJ946EA, Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UA, Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UAR, Pavilion ZE4920EA-PJ936EA, Pavilion ZE4920LA-PN960LA, Pavilion ZE4921EA-PJ916EA, Pavilion ZE4922EA-PN616EA, Pavilion ZE4923EA-PJ948EA, Pavilion ZE4925EA-PN617EA, Pavilion ZE4926EA-PJ941EA, Pavilion ZE4926EA-PN615EA, Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ922EA, Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ928EA, Pavilion ZE4928EA-PJ921EA, Pavilion ZE4929EA-PJ930EA, Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ910EA, Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ932EA, Pavilion ZE4930LA-PN957LA, Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UA, Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UAR, Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ917EA, Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ929EA, Pavilion ZE4932EA-PN620EA, Pavilion ZE4933EA-PJ925EA, Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UA, Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UAR, Pavilion ZE4934EA-PJ940EA, Pavilion ZE4935EA-PQ837EA, Pavilion ZE4935WM-PR300UA, Pavilion ZE4935WM-PR300UAR, Pavilion ZE4936EA-PN624EA, Pavilion ZE4937EA-PQ838EA, Pavilion ZE4938EA-PJ923EA, Pavilion ZE4939EA-PJ780EA, Pavilion ZE4940EA-PJ913EA, Pavilion ZE4940EA-PJ920EA, Pavilion ZE4940LA-PN959LA, Pavilion ZE4941EA-PJ949EA, Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UA, Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UAR, Pavilion ZE4942EA-PQ840EA, Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UA, Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UAR, Pavilion ZE4943EA-PQ839EA, Pavilion ZE4944EA-PJ945EA, Pavilion ZE4945EA-PQ841EA, Pavilion ZE4946EA-PQ843EA, Pavilion ZE4947EA-PQ844EA, Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UA, Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UAR, Pavilion ZE4948EA-PN622EA, Pavilion ZE4949EA-PN619EA, Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UA, Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UAR, Pavilion ZE4950EA-PJ924EA, Pavilion ZE4951EA-PN618EA, Pavilion ZE4952EA-PQ846EA, Pavilion ZE4953EA-PT486EA, Pavilion ZE4954EA-PT488EA, Pavilion ZE4955EA-PT489EA, Pavilion ZE4956EA-PT487EA, Pavilion ZE4957EA-PS640EA, Pavilion ZE4958EA-PS642EA, Pavilion ZE4961EA-PQ845EA, Pavilion ZE4962EA-PS643EA, Pavilion ZE4965EA-PS641EA, Pavilion ZE5 Series, Pavilion ZE5000, Pavilion ZE5000 Series, Pavilion ZE5000S-F4637AV, Pavilion ZE5000S-F5314AV, Pavilion ZE5100 Series, Pavilion ZE5155, Pavilion ZE5155 Series, Pavilion ZE5155-F4683H, Pavilion ZE5160-F6155H, Pavilion ZE5165 Series, Pavilion ZE5165-F6156H, Pavilion ZE5170, Pavilion ZE5170 Series, Pavilion ZE5170-F4680H, Pavilion ZE5170-F4680HR, Pavilion ZE5185, Pavilion ZE5185 Series, Pavilion ZE5185-F4684H, Pavilion ZE5190 Series, Pavilion ZE5200, Pavilion ZE5200 Series, Pavilion ZE5200-DA732AV, Pavilion ZE5207 Series, Pavilion ZE5207-DC604A, Pavilion ZE5217 Series, Pavilion ZE5217-DC605A, Pavilion ZE5228 Series, Pavilion ZE5228-DE864A, Pavilion ZE5232 Series, Pavilion ZE5232-DC752A, Pavilion ZE5232-DE256A, Pavilion ZE5236-DB399A, Pavilion ZE5238-DB679A, Pavilion ZE5238-DC674A, Pavilion ZE5238-DD679A, Pavilion ZE5240 Series, Pavilion ZE5240-DC671A, Pavilion ZE5242 Series, Pavilion ZE5242-DC714A, Pavilion ZE5244 Series, Pavilion ZE5244-DC820A, Pavilion ZE5250 Series, Pavilion ZE5250-DB395A, Pavilion ZE5250-DB395AR, Pavilion ZE5252 Series, Pavilion ZE5252-DC818A, Pavilion ZE5258 Series, Pavilion ZE5258-DD659A, Pavilion ZE5262 Series, Pavilion ZE5262-DC819A, Pavilion ZE5270, Pavilion ZE5270 Series, Pavilion ZE5270-DB396A, Pavilion ZE5279, Pavilion ZE5279 Series, Pavilion ZE5279-DC673A, Pavilion ZE5279-DC673AR, Pavilion ZE5300, Pavilion ZE5300 Series, Pavilion ZE5300-DC945AV, Pavilion ZE5307LA-DF569A, Pavilion ZE5310 Series, Pavilion ZE5315 Series, Pavilion ZE5315EA -DK774A, Pavilion ZE5320 Series, Pavilion ZE5320AP-DK773A, Pavilion ZE5320EA-DF860A, Pavilion ZE5325 Series, Pavilion ZE5325EA-DG636A, Pavilion ZE5330 Series, Pavilion ZE5339 Series, Pavilion ZE5339EA-DL439A, Pavilion ZE5340 Series, Pavilion ZE5343 Series, Pavilion ZE5343EA-DG067A, Pavilion ZE5344 Series, Pavilion ZE5344EA-DG230A, Pavilion ZE5344EA-DG637A, Pavilion ZE5345 Series, Pavilion ZE5345EA-DG068A, Pavilion ZE5345US-DC967A, Pavilion ZE5350 Series, Pavilion ZE5354 Series, Pavilion ZE5354EA-DG916A, Pavilion ZE5357 Series, Pavilion ZE5357LA-DF568A, Pavilion ZE5360 Series, Pavilion ZE5360EA-DG917A, Pavilion ZE5362 Series, Pavilion ZE5362EA-DG069A, Pavilion ZE5365 Series, Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968A, Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968AR, Pavilion ZE5370 Series, Pavilion ZE5375US-DC964A, Pavilion ZE5380 Series, Pavilion ZE5385 Series, Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862A, Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862AR, Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965A, Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965AR, Pavilion ZE5390 Series, Pavilion ZE5395 Series, Pavilion ZE5395US, Pavilion ZE5395US-DF809A, Pavilion ZE5400 Series, Pavilion ZE5400-DL683AV, Pavilion ZE5407 Series, Pavilion ZE5407LA-DL808A, Pavilion ZE5410 Series, Pavilion ZE5410AP-DN652A, Pavilion ZE5413 Series, Pavilion ZE5413EA-DM947A, Pavilion ZE5414 Series, Pavilion ZE5414EA-DM670A, Pavilion ZE5415 Series, Pavilion ZE5415AP-DQ539A, Pavilion ZE5415EA-DM417A, Pavilion ZE5416 Series, Pavilion ZE5416EA-DM948A, Pavilion ZE5417 Series, Pavilion ZE5417LA-DL807A, Pavilion ZE5418 Series, Pavilion ZE5418EA, Pavilion ZE5418EA-DM949A, Pavilion ZE5420 Series, Pavilion ZE5420EA-DM418A, Pavilion ZE5420EA-DM999A, Pavilion ZE5425 Series, Pavilion ZE5425EA-DM419A, Pavilion ZE5426 Series, Pavilion ZE5426EA-DM950A, Pavilion ZE5427 Series, Pavilion ZE5427LA-DL806A, Pavilion ZE5430 Series, Pavilion ZE5430EA-DM420A, Pavilion ZE5440 Series, Pavilion ZE5440EA-DN653A, Pavilion ZE5443 Series, Pavilion ZE5443EA-DN838A, Pavilion ZE5445 Series, Pavilion ZE5445EA-DM421A, Pavilion ZE5446 Series, Pavilion ZE5446EA-DM422A, Pavilion ZE5447 Series, Pavilion ZE5447LA-DR203A, Pavilion ZE5450 Series, Pavilion ZE5451 Series, Pavilion ZE5451US-DK569A, Pavilion ZE5457LA-DL805A, Pavilion ZE5460 Series, Pavilion ZE5460EA-DN654A, Pavilion ZE5460US-DN837A, Pavilion ZE5462 Series, Pavilion ZE5462EA-DM423A, Pavilion ZE5467 Series, Pavilion ZE5467LA-DL804A, Pavilion ZE5468 Series, Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566A, Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566AR, Pavilion ZE5470 Series, Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564A, Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564AR, Pavilion ZE5475 Series, Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404A, Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404AR, Pavilion ZE5477 Series, Pavilion ZE5477LA-DL405A, Pavilion ZE5478 Series, Pavilion ZE5478CL, Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567A, Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567AR, Pavilion ZE5490 Series, Pavilion ZE5490US, Pavilion ZE5490US-DK565A, Pavilion ZE5497LA-DV426L, Pavilion ZE5500 Series, Pavilion ZE5500-DM368AV, Pavilion ZE5501 Series, Pavilion ZE5501US-DP471U, Pavilion ZE5504 Series, Pavilion ZE5504EA-DP857E, Pavilion ZE5505 Series, Pavilion ZE5505EA-DP854E, Pavilion ZE5506 Series, Pavilion ZE5506EA-DP865E, Pavilion ZE5507EA-DP867E, Pavilion ZE5510 Series, Pavilion ZE5510AP-DR220A, Pavilion ZE5510EA-DP855E, Pavilion ZE5511 Series, Pavilion ZE5511AP-DR221A, Pavilion ZE5511EA-DP869E, Pavilion ZE5512 Series, Pavilion ZE5512AP-DR222A, Pavilion ZE5512EA, Pavilion ZE5512EA-DP864E, Pavilion ZE5513 Series, Pavilion ZE5513AP-DR223A, Pavilion ZE5514 Series, Pavilion ZE5514AP-DR486A, Pavilion ZE5515 Series, Pavilion ZE5515AP-DR487A, Pavilion ZE5515EA-DP853E, Pavilion ZE5516 Series, Pavilion ZE5516AP-DR488A, Pavilion ZE5516EA-DP860E, Pavilion ZE5517 Series, Pavilion ZE5517AP-DR922A, Pavilion ZE5517EA-DP862E, Pavilion ZE5518 Series, Pavilion ZE5518AP-DT567A, Pavilion ZE5519 Series, Pavilion ZE5519AP-DT568A, Pavilion ZE5519EA-DS745E, Pavilion ZE5520 Series, Pavilion ZE5520AP-DV637AA, Pavilion ZE5520EA-DP851E, Pavilion ZE5520EA-DP852E, Pavilion ZE5521 Series, Pavilion ZE5521AP-DV933AA, Pavilion ZE5521EA-DS746E, Pavilion ZE5522 Series, Pavilion ZE5522AP-DV934AA, Pavilion ZE5523 Series, Pavilion ZE5523AP-DV935AA, Pavilion ZE5523EA-DP868E, Pavilion ZE5524 Series, Pavilion ZE5524AP-DW809AA, Pavilion ZE5524EA-DP866E, Pavilion ZE5525 Series, Pavilion ZE5525AP-DW810AA, Pavilion ZE5525EA-DP856E, Pavilion ZE5526 Series, Pavilion ZE5526AP-DX823AA, Pavilion ZE5526AP-DX828P, Pavilion ZE5526EA-DP859E, Pavilion ZE5527 Series, Pavilion ZE5527EA-DP861E, Pavilion ZE5528 Series, Pavilion ZE5528EA-DP863E, Pavilion ZE5529 Series, Pavilion ZE5529EA-DP858E, Pavilion ZE5530 Series, Pavilion ZE5530EA-DP870E, Pavilion ZE5531 Series, Pavilion ZE5531EA-DS742E, Pavilion ZE5532 Series, Pavilion ZE5532EA-DS744E, Pavilion ZE5533 Series, Pavilion ZE5533EA-DS743E, Pavilion ZE5534 Series, Pavilion ZE5534EA-DU584E, Pavilion ZE5535 Series, Pavilion ZE5535EA-DU585E, Pavilion ZE5537 Series, Pavilion ZE5537LA-DR201A, Pavilion ZE5540 Series, Pavilion ZE5547 Series, Pavilion ZE5547WM-DM764A, Pavilion ZE5547WM-DM764AR, Pavilion ZE5560 Series, Pavilion ZE5560US-DP473U, Pavilion ZE5560US-DP473UR, Pavilion ZE5565 Series, Pavilion ZE5568 Series, Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769A, Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769AR, Pavilion ZE5568QV-DP472U, Pavilion ZE5570 Series, Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767A, Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767AR, Pavilion ZE5575 Series, Pavilion ZE5575SR-DM768A, Pavilion ZE5580 Series, Pavilion ZE5580US-DM766A, Pavilion ZE5587 Series, Pavilion ZE5587LA-DR202A, Pavilion ZE5590 Series, Pavilion ZE5590US-DP470U, Pavilion ZE5600 Series, Pavilion ZE5600-DP660AV, Pavilion ZE5600-DP661AV, Pavilion ZE5600-DR093AV, Pavilion ZE5601 Series, Pavilion ZE5601AP-DW955P, Pavilion ZE5601EA-DY639E, Pavilion ZE5602AP-DW956P, Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY635E, Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY636E, Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915U, Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915UR, Pavilion ZE5603 Series, Pavilion ZE5603AP-DW957P, Pavilion ZE5603EA-DX714E, Pavilion ZE5603US-DU917U, Pavilion ZE5604AP-DW958P, Pavilion ZE5604EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-DV249E, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PA353EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB825EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB826EA, Pavilion ZE5604RS-DW396U, Pavilion ZE5604RS-DW396UR, Pavilion ZE5605 Series, Pavilion ZE5605AP-DW959P, Pavilion ZE5605EA-PA345E, Pavilion ZE5605SR-DU918U, Pavilion ZE5606AP-DW960PA, Pavilion ZE5607 Series, Pavilion ZE5607AP-DW961PA, Pavilion ZE5607EA-DV253E, Pavilion ZE5607EA-DX710E, Pavilion ZE5607WM-B-DW777A, Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541U, Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541UR, Pavilion ZE5608 Series, Pavilion ZE5608AP-DW962P, Pavilion ZE5609 Series, Pavilion ZE5609AP-DW963P, Pavilion ZE5609EA-DX711E, Pavilion ZE5609EA-PA352EA, Pavilion ZE5610 Series, Pavilion ZE5610AP-DW964P, Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914U, Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914UR, Pavilion ZE5610EA-DV257E, Pavilion ZE5611 Series, Pavilion ZE5611AP-DW965P, Pavilion ZE5611EA-DX712E, Pavilion ZE5612 Series, Pavilion ZE5612AP-DW966P, Pavilion ZE5612EA-DX717E, Pavilion ZE5613 Series, Pavilion ZE5613AP-DW967P, Pavilion ZE5613EA-DX718E, Pavilion ZE5614 Series, Pavilion ZE5614AP-DW968P, Pavilion ZE5614EA, Pavilion ZE5614EA-DV251E, Pavilion ZE5615 Series, Pavilion ZE5615AP-DW969P, Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398U, Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398UR, Pavilion ZE5615EA-DV250E, Pavilion ZE5615SR-B-DW778A, Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538U, Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538UR, Pavilion ZE5616 Series, Pavilion ZE5616AP-DW970P, Pavilion ZE5616EA-DX713E, Pavilion ZE5617 Series, Pavilion ZE5617AP-DW971PA, Pavilion ZE5617EA-DX716E, Pavilion ZE5617WM-B-DW776A, Pavilion ZE5617WM-DS534U, Pavilion ZE5617WM-DS534UR, Pavilion ZE5618 Series, Pavilion ZE5618AP-DW972PA, Pavilion ZE5618EA-DX719E, Pavilion ZE5619 Series, Pavilion ZE5619EA-DY638E, Pavilion ZE5620 Series, Pavilion ZE5620EA-DY634E, Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540U, Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540UR, Pavilion ZE5622 Series, Pavilion ZE5622EA-DY640E, Pavilion ZE5623 Series, Pavilion ZE5623EA-DV256E, Pavilion ZE5624 Series, Pavilion ZE5624EA-DX715E, Pavilion ZE5626EA-DY642E, Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399U, Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399UR, Pavilion ZE5631EA-DV252E, Pavilion ZE5634US-DU916U, Pavilion ZE5635 Series, Pavilion ZE5635EA-DV248E, Pavilion ZE5636 Series, Pavilion ZE5636EA-DY641E, Pavilion ZE5637 Series, Pavilion ZE5637LA-DV765L, Pavilion ZE5638 Series, Pavilion ZE5638EA-DY643E, Pavilion ZE5639EA-PA346E, Pavilion ZE5640 Series, Pavilion ZE5640EA-DV254E, Pavilion ZE5640EA-DY637E, Pavilion ZE5644EA-PA347E, Pavilion ZE5645 Series, Pavilion ZE5645EA-DV255E, Pavilion ZE5647 Series, Pavilion ZE5647LA-DV767L, Pavilion ZE5650EA-PA348E, Pavilion ZE5700 Series, Pavilion ZE5700-PA728AV, Pavilion ZE5700-PA729AV, Pavilion ZE5700EA-PB829EA, Pavilion ZE5701US-DZ362U, Pavilion ZE5701US-DZ362UR, Pavilion ZE5702EA-PB822EA, Pavilion ZE5705EA-PB824EA, Pavilion ZE5706EA-PB827EA, Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UA, Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UAR, Pavilion ZE5715EA-PB828EA, Pavilion ZE5730 Series, Pavilion ZE5730EA-PA354EA, Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361U, Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361UR, Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366U, Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366UR, Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367U, Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367UR, Pavilion ZE5737 Series, Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364U, Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364UR, Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368U, Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368UR, Pavilion ZE5740EA-PB821EA, Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194U, Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194UR,
Evo N1010V, Evo N1050V Series, Evo N1050V-DC749A, Evo N1050V-DC750A, Evo N1050V-DC751A, Evo N1050V-DC767T, Evo N1050V-DC768T, Evo N1050V-DC769T, Evo N1050V-DC770T, Evo N1050V-DD152T, Evo N1050V-DD153T, Evo N1050V-DD154S, Evo N1050V-DE236S, Evo N1050V-DE237S, Evo N1050V-DJ105S, Evo N1050V-DJ106S, Evo N1050V-DJ156S, Presario 100CA, Presario 1100 Series, Presario 1110 Series, Presario 1110-F5781, Presario 1110-F5876, Presario 1110DE Series, Presario 1110GR Series, Presario 1110IT Series, Presario 1110UK Series, Presario 1115 Series, Presario 1115-F5782, Presario 1115-F5877, Presario 1115GR Series, Presario 1115IT Series, Presario 1120 Series, Presario 1120-F5783, Presario 1120IT Series, Presario 2100 Series, Presario 2100-DA722AV, Presario 2100-DA728AV, Presario 2100-DG250AV, Presario 2100-DM373AV, Presario 2100-DM393AV, Presario 2100AP, Presario 2100AP-DC585A, Presario 2100CA-DC735A, Presario 2100CA-DC735AR, Presario 2100LA, Presario 2100LA-DC582A, Presario 2100T Series, Presario 2100US, Presario 2100US Series, Presario 2100US-DB954A, Presario 2100US-DB954AR, Presario 2100xx-DP659AV, Presario 2100Z Series, Presario 2100z-DU930AV, Presario 2100z-PC770AV, Presario 2100z-PC771AV, Presario 2101 Series, Presario 2101AP, Presario 2101AP-DC849A, Presario 2101EA-DM658A, Presario 2101EU-DX700E, Presario 2101US, Presario 2101US-DC583A, Presario 2101US-DC583AR, Presario 2102 Series, Presario 2102AP, Presario 2102AP-DD515A, Presario 2102EA, Presario 2102EA-DD668A, Presario 2102EU-DP833E, Presario 2102US, Presario 2102US-DC584A, Presario 2102US-DC584AR, Presario 2103 Series, Presario 2103AP, Presario 2103AP-DC704A, Presario 2103EA, Presario 2103EA-DD669A, Presario 2103EU-DV245E, Presario 2103US-PF179UA, Presario 2103US-PF179UAR, Presario 2104 Series, Presario 2104AP, Presario 2104AP-DD516A, Presario 2104EA-DM428A, Presario 2104EU-DP832E, Presario 2104EU-DP834E, Presario 2104US-PF180UA, Presario 2104US-PF180UAR, Presario 2105 Series, Presario 2105AP, Presario 2105AP-DC586A, Presario 2105CA, Presario 2105CA-DC700A, Presario 2105CA-DC700AR, Presario 2105EA, Presario 2105EA-DC742A, Presario 2105EU-DV241E, Presario 2105LA, Presario 2105LA-DE970A, Presario 2105US, Presario 2105US-DB381A, Presario 2105US-DB381AR, Presario 2106 Series, Presario 2106AP, Presario 2106AP-DD670A, Presario 2106EA, Presario 2106EA-DC806A, Presario 2106EU-DV240E, Presario 2106US, Presario 2106US-DD517A, Presario 2106US-DD517AR, Presario 2107 Series, Presario 2107AP, Presario 2107AP-DD671A, Presario 2107EA, Presario 2107EA-DC807A, Presario 2107US-PF178UA, Presario 2107US-PF178UAR, Presario 2108 Series, Presario 2108AP-DE228A, Presario 2108CL-PF879UA, Presario 2108CL-PF879UAR, Presario 2108EA, Presario 2108EA-DD664A, Presario 2108EU-DV239E, Presario 2108US-PF181UA, Presario 2108US-PF181UAR, Presario 2109 Series, Presario 2109AP-DE227A, Presario 2109EA, Presario 2109EA-DC702A, Presario 2109EU-DP825E, Presario 2110 Series, Presario 2110AH-DR025A, Presario 2110AP, Presario 2110AP-DC587A, Presario 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2116EU-DP837E, Presario 2117 Series, Presario 2117AP, Presario 2117AP-DE233A, Presario 2117EA, Presario 2117EA-DK851A, Presario 2117EU-DP839E, Presario 2118 Series, Presario 2118AD, Presario 2118AD-DF847A, Presario 2118EA, Presario 2118EA-DC703A, Presario 2118EA-DF564A, Presario 2118EU-DP835E, Presario 2119 Series, Presario 2119AD-DG028A, Presario 2119EA, Presario 2119EA-DK852A, Presario 2120 Series, Presario 2120AD, Presario 2120AD-DG029A, Presario 2120AP, Presario 2120AP-DC589A, Presario 2120EA, Presario 2120EA-DC802A, Presario 2120EU-DP821E, Presario 2120LA, Presario 2120LA-DF566A, Presario 2120US-DE598A, Presario 2120US-DE598AR, Presario 2121 Series, Presario 2121EU-DP824E, Presario 2122 Series, Presario 2122AD, Presario 2122AD-DG031A, Presario 2122EA-DN574A, Presario 2122EU-DP827EA, Presario 2123 Series, Presario 2123AD, Presario 2123AD-DG032A, Presario 2123AP, Presario 2123AP-DC706A, Presario 2123EA-DK750A, Presario 2124 Series, Presario 2124AD, Presario 2124AD-DG033A, Presario 2124AP, Presario 2124AP-DF764A, Presario 2124EU-DV247E, Presario 2125 Series, Presario 2125AC, Presario 2125AC-DF967A, Presario 2125AD, Presario 2125AD-DG034A, Presario 2125AP, Presario 2125AP-DC736A, Presario 2125EA, Presario 2125EA-DC744A, Presario 2125EU-PB803EA, Presario 2125LA-DL799A, Presario 2126 Series, Presario 2126AC, Presario 2126AC-DF968A, Presario 2126AD, Presario 2126AD-DG035A, Presario 2126EA, Presario 2126EA-DC808A, Presario 2126EU-DX702E, Presario 2127 Series, Presario 2127AC, Presario 2127AC-DF969A, Presario 2127AD-DG036A, Presario 2127EA-DD512A, Presario 2127EA-DG327A, Presario 2127EA-DK793A, Presario 2127EU-PB804EA, Presario 2128 Series, Presario 2128AC-DF970A, Presario 2128AD-DG037A, Presario 2128EA-DK448A, Presario 2128US-DC960A, Presario 2129 Series, Presario 2129AD-DG038A, Presario 2129EA-DK449A, Presario 2130 Series, Presario 2130AC-DF972A, Presario 2130AD-DG039A, Presario 2130AP-DC737A, Presario 2130EA-DC803A, Presario 2130LA-DR200A, Presario 2131 Series, Presario 2131AC-DF973A, Presario 2131AD-DG040A, Presario 2131EA-DG823A, Presario 2131EU-DX701E, Presario 2132 Series, Presario 2132AC-DF974A, Presario 2132EA-DC809A, Presario 2132RS-DC957A, Presario 2133 Series, Presario 2133AC-DF975A, Presario 2133AD-DG042A, Presario 2133AP-DC707A, Presario 2133EA-DC805A, Presario 2134 Series, Presario 2134AD-DG043A, Presario 2134EA-DC746A, Presario 2135 Series, Presario 2135AC-DF977A, Presario 2135AD-DG044A, Presario 2135AF-PD953PS, Presario 2135AP-DC738A, Presario 2135CA-DF979A, Presario 2135CA-DF979AR, Presario 2135EA-DC810A, Presario 2135EU-DV244E, Presario 2135LA-DR479A, Presario 2135US-DC959A, Presario 2135US-DC959AR, Presario 2136 Series, Presario 2136AC-DF978A, Presario 2136AD-DG045A, Presario 2136EA-DC811A, Presario 2136RSH-DB383A, Presario 2136RSH-DB383AR, Presario 2137 Series, Presario 2137AC-DG218A, Presario 2137AD-DG046A, Presario 2137EA-DG617A, Presario 2138 Series, Presario 2138AC-DL219A, Presario 2138AD-DG047A, Presario 2138EA-DG822A, Presario 2139 Series, Presario 2139AC-DL220A, Presario 2139AD-DG048A, Presario 2139EA-DM553A, Presario 2139LA-PD735LA, Presario 2140 Series, Presario 2140AC-DL221A, Presario 2140AD-DG049A, Presario 2140AP-DC739A, Presario 2140CA-DF840A, Presario 2140CA-DF840AR, Presario 2140EA-DM962A, Presario 2140LA-DV760L, Presario 2140US-DC954A, Presario 2140US-DC954AR, Presario 2141 Series, Presario 2141AC-DK794A, Presario 2141AC-DL222A, Presario 2141AD-DG050A, Presario 2141EA-DF576A, Presario 2142 Series, Presario 2142AC-DM402A, Presario 2142EA-DG610A, Presario 2143 Series, Presario 2143AC-DL929A, Presario 2143AD-DG052A, Presario 2143AP-DC708A, Presario 2143AP-DE989A, Presario 2143EA-DF980A, Presario 2143EA-DM963A, Presario 2144 Series, Presario 2144AD-DG053A, Presario 2144EA-DG608A, Presario 2145 Series, Presario 2145AD-DG208A, Presario 2145AP-DC740A, Presario 2145CA-DF841A, Presario 2145CA-DF841AR, Presario 2145EA-DG326A, Presario 2145LA-PF788LA, Presario 2145US-DC955A, Presario 2146 Series, Presario 2146AD-DG209A, Presario 2146EA-DG618A, Presario 2147 Series, Presario 2147AD-DG210A, Presario 2147EA-DG619A, Presario 2148 Series, Presario 2148AD-DG615A, Presario 2148EA-DG192A, Presario 2149 Series, Presario 2149AD-DG616A, Presario 2149EA-DK447A, Presario 2150 Series, Presario 2150AP-DC741A, Presario 2150LA-PH045LA, Presario 2150US-DC961A, Presario 2150US-DC961AR, Presario 2151 Series, Presario 2151AD-DG830A, Presario 2151EA-DG191A, Presario 2152 Series, Presario 2152EA-DL622A, Presario 2153 Series, Presario 2153AE-DN571A, Presario 2153AP-DK450A, Presario 2154 Series, Presario 2154AE-DN572A, Presario 2154AP-DK451A, Presario 2154EA-DK853A, Presario 2155 Series, Presario 2155AE-DN573A, Presario 2155AP-DL623A, Presario 2155EA-DG620A, Presario 2155US-DC956A, Presario 2156 Series, Presario 2156AP-DL624A, Presario 2156EA-DG609A, Presario 2157 Series, Presario 2157AP-DL625A, Presario 2157EA, Presario 2157EA-DM554A, Presario 2158 Series, Presario 2158AP-DL626A, Presario 2158EA, Presario 2158EA-DG193A, Presario 2158EA-DN575A, Presario 2159 Series, Presario 2160 Series, Presario 2160AD-DM547A, Presario 2160EA-DF565A, Presario 2160EU-PB801EA, Presario 2160US-DG054A, Presario 2161 Series, Presario 2161AD-DM549A, Presario 2161EA-DF582A, Presario 2161US-DK588A, Presario 2162 Series, Presario 2162AF-DM663A, Presario 2162EA-DF765A, Presario 2162US-DK589A, Presario 2162US-DK589AR, Presario 2163 Series, Presario 2163AF-DM664A, Presario 2163EA-DG621A, Presario 2164 Series, Presario 2164AF-DN630A, Presario 2164EA-DG622A, Presario 2165 Series, Presario 2165AF-DN631A, Presario 2165EA-DG623A, Presario 2166 Series, Presario 2166EA-DG828A, Presario 2167 Series, Presario 2167EA-DF766A, Presario 2168 Series, Presario 2168EA-DM552A, Presario 2169 Series, Presario 2169EA-DG624A, Presario 2170 Series, Presario 2170CA-DK579A, Presario 2170CA-DK579AR, Presario 2170US-DK587A, Presario 2170US-DK587AR, Presario 2171 Series, Presario 2171EA-DK760A, Presario 2171US-DM726A, Presario 2171US-DM726AR, Presario 2172 Series, Presario 2172AF-DN638A, Presario 2172US-DP455U, Presario 2172US-DP455UR, Presario 2173 Series, Presario 2173EA-DF846A, Presario 2174 Series, Presario 2175 Series, Presario 2175CA-DK580A, Presario 2175CA-DK580AR, Presario 2175EA-DK792A, Presario 2175EU-PB802EA, Presario 2175US-DK576A, Presario 2175US-DK576AR, Presario 2176 Series, Presario 2176RS-DK578A, Presario 2177 Series, Presario 2178 Series, Presario 2178AF-DR019A, Presario 2178CL-DK577A, Presario 2178CL-DK577AR, Presario 2178EA-DM964A, Presario 2179 Series, Presario 2179AF-DR020A, Presario 2180 Series, Presario 2180AF-DR021A, Presario 2180CA-DL402A, Presario 2180CA-DL402AR, Presario 2180EA-DM660A, Presario 2181 Series, Presario 2182 Series, Presario 2182US-DM747A, Presario 2182US-DM747AR, Presario 2183 Series, Presario 2184 Series, Presario 2184AT-DN513S, Presario 2185 Series, Presario 2185AT-DN514S, Presario 2186 Series, Presario 2186AF-DS835A, Presario 2186RS-DP454U, Presario 2187 Series, Presario 2188 Series, Presario 2188CL-DM729A, Presario 2188CL-DM729AR, Presario 2189 Series, Presario 2190 Series, Presario 2190CA-DM731A, Presario 2190CA-DM731AR, Presario 2190US-DM745A, Presario 2190US-DM745AR, Presario 2191 Series, Presario 2192 Series, Presario 2193 Series, Presario 2194 Series, Presario 2194AF-PD952PS, Presario 2195 Series, Presario 2195CA-DM730A, Presario 2195CA-DM730AR, Presario 2195US-DM728A, Presario 2195US-DM728AR, Presario 2196 Series, Presario 2197 Series, Presario 2197CA-DZ400U, Presario 2197CA-DZ400UR, Presario 2198 Series, Presario 2198CA-DS526U, Presario 2198CA-DS526UR, Presario 2199 Series, Presario 2199CA-DS527U, Presario 2199CA-DS527UR, Presario 2199US-DZ414U, Presario 2199US-DZ414UR, Presario 2200 Series, Presario 2200-PF743AV, Presario 2200-PF744AV, Presario 2200LA-PN715LA, Presario 2201AS-PT524PA, Presario 2201US-PM044UA, Presario 2201XX-PH850AS, Presario 2202AL-PM188PC, Presario 2202AS-PT541PA, Presario 2202XX-PH851AS, Presario 2203AL-PM654PS, Presario 2203AP-DY755PA, Presario 2203AS-PT640PA, Presario 2203US-PM046UA, Presario 2204AL-PP559PC, Presario 2204AP-DY756PA, Presario 2204AS-PT641PA, Presario 2204US-PM051UA, Presario 2205AL-PP560PC, Presario 2205AP-DY757PA, Presario 2205AS-PT643PA, Presario 2205LA-PR971LA, Presario 2206AL-PP561PC, Presario 2206AP-DY758PA, Presario 2206AS-PT644PA, Presario 2207AL-PR557PC, Presario 2207AP-DY759PA, Presario 2207AS-PT892PA, Presario 2208AP-DY760PA, Presario 2208AS-PT894PA, Presario 2209AP-DY761PA, Presario 2209CL-PM045UA, Presario 2209CL-PM045UAR, Presario 2210AP-DY762PA, Presario 2210CA-PM048UA, Presario 2210US-PM043UA, Presario 2210US-PM043UAR, Presario 2211AP-DY763PA, Presario 2212AP-PH262PA, Presario 2213AP-PH263PA, Presario 2214AP-PH264PA, Presario 2215AP-PH265PA, Presario 2216AP-PH266PA, Presario 2217AP-PH267PA, Presario 2218AP-PH269PA, Presario 2218RS-PM047UA, Presario 2218RS-PM047UAR, Presario 2219AP-PH270PA, Presario 2220AP-PH271PA, Presario 2221AP-PH272PA, Presario 2222AP-PH273PA, Presario 2223AP-PH274PA, Presario 2223US-PR310UA, Presario 2224AP-PA116PA, Presario 2225AP-PA117PA, Presario 2226AP-PA135PA, Presario 2226CL-PR304UA, Presario 2226CL-PR304UAR, Presario 2227AP-PA136PA, Presario 2227US-PR306UA, Presario 2227US-PR306UAR, Presario 2228AP-PA137PA, Presario 2229AP-PA138PA, Presario 2230AP-PA139PA, Presario 2231AP-PA140PA, Presario 2231US-PR308UA, Presario 2231US-PR308UAR, Presario 2232AP-PA141PA, Presario 2232US-PR309UA, Presario 2232US-PR309UAR, Presario 2233AP-PA142PA, Presario 2234AP-PA143PA, Presario 2235AP-PA144PA, Presario 2236AP-PA145PA, Presario 2236CL-PR305UA, Presario 2236CL-PR305UAR, Presario 2237AP-DY753PA, Presario 2238AP-DY754PA, Presario 2239AP-PD140PA, Presario 2240AP-PD141PA, Presario 2241AP-PD142PA, Presario 2242AP-PD143PA, Presario 2243AP-PH471PA, Presario 2244AP-PH472PA, Presario 2245AP-PH473PA, Presario 2246AP-PD102PA, Presario 2248AP-PN555PA, Presario 2249AP-PN556PA, Presario 2250AP-PN557PA, Presario 2251AP-PN559PA, Presario 2252AP-PN560PA, Presario 2253AP-PN574PA, Presario 2254AP-PN892PA, Presario 2254AP-PN893PA, Presario 2255AP-PN895PA, Presario 2256AP-PN906PA, Presario 2258AP-PN900PA, Presario 2259AP-PN903PA, Presario 2260AP-PN904PA, Presario 2261AP-PP964PA, Presario 2262AP-PP976PA, Presario 2263AP-PP977PA, Presario 2264AP-PP984PA, Presario 2265AP-PP986PA, Presario 2266AP-PP987PA, Presario 2267AP-PP990PA, Presario 2268AP-PP991PA, Presario 2269AP-PT639PA, Presario 2269AS-PT525PA, Presario 2270AP-PT890PA, Presario 2270AS-PV251PA, Presario 2271AS-PV254PA, Presario 2272AS-PV258PA, Presario 2273AS-PV261PA, Presario 2500 Series, Presario 2500-DA733AV, Presario 2500-DA734AV, Presario 2500-DC944AV, Presario 2500-DM369AV, Presario 2500-DP662AV, Presario 2500-DP663AV, Presario 2500AP-DC606A, Presario 2500LA-DC607A, Presario 2501 Series, Presario 2501AP-DE865A, Presario 2501AP-DF856A, Presario 2502 Series, Presario 2502AP-DE866A, Presario 2503 Series, Presario 2503EA-DN839A, Presario 2504 Series, Presario 2504AT-PD219PS, Presario 2504EU-DU590E, Presario 2505 Series, Presario 2505AP-DC720A, Presario 2505AP-DF857A, Presario 2505AT-PD209PS, Presario 2505EA-DG099A, Presario 2505EU-DP884E, Presario 2506 Series, Presario 2506AT-PD210PS, Presario 2506EU-DX723E, Presario 2507 Series, Presario 2507AT-PD211PS, Presario 2507EU-DU593E, Presario 2508 Series, Presario 2508AT-PD212PS, Presario 2508EA-DK775A, Presario 2508EU-DP885E, Presario 2509 Series, Presario 2509AT-PD213PS, Presario 2509EA-DF570A, Presario 2509EU-DS949E, Presario 2510 Series, Presario 2510AI-DV537P, Presario 2510AP-DC721A, Presario 2510AP-DF858A, Presario 2510AT-PD215PS, Presario 2510EA-DC755A, Presario 2510EU-DP878E, Presario 2510LA-DC609A, Presario 2511 Series, Presario 2511AI-DV538P, Presario 2511AT-PD214PS, Presario 2511EA-DC817A, Presario 2511EU-DP889E, Presario 2512 Series, Presario 2512AI-DV539P, Presario 2512AT-PD216PS, Presario 2512EA-DC754A, Presario 2512EU-DP882E, Presario 2513 Series, Presario 2513AI-DV540P, Presario 2513AT-PD217PS, Presario 2513EA-DN968A, Presario 2513EU-DS945E, Presario 2514 Series, Presario 2514AI-DV541P, Presario 2514AT-PD218PS, Presario 2514EU-DS946E, Presario 2515 Series, Presario 2515AI-DV542P, Presario 2515AP-DC717A, Presario 2515AP-DG079A, Presario 2515AT-PF557PS, Presario 2515EA-DC730A, Presario 2515EA-DL938A, Presario 2515EU-DP874E, Presario 2516 Series, Presario 2516AI-DV543P, Presario 2516AT-PF558PS, Presario 2516EA-DC731A, Presario 2516EU-DS947E, Presario 2517 Series, Presario 2517AI-DV544P, Presario 2517AT-PK318PC, Presario 2517EA-DM424A, Presario 2517EU-DP881E, Presario 2518 Series, Presario 2518AI-DV545P, Presario 2518EA-DM951A, Presario 2518EU-DP880E, Presario 2519 Series, Presario 2519AI-DV546P, Presario 2519EA-DM425A, Presario 2519EU-DP879E, Presario 2520 Series, Presario 2520AI-DV547P, Presario 2520AP-DC718A, Presario 2520EA-DC732A, Presario 2520EU-DP871E, Presario 2520LA-DF571A, Presario 2521 Series, Presario 2521AI-DV548P, Presario 2521EA-DC733A, Presario 2521EU-DP873E, Presario 2522 Series, Presario 2522AI-DV549P, Presario 2522EU-DS948E, Presario 2523 Series, Presario 2523AI-DV550P, Presario 2523EU-DP875E, Presario 2524 Series, Presario 2524AI-DV551P, Presario 2524AP-DG082A, Presario 2524EU-DP876E, Presario 2525 Series, Presario 2525AI-DV552PA, Presario 2525AP-DC722A, Presario 2525CA-DC715A, Presario 2525CA-DC715AR, Presario 2525EA-DC734A, Presario 2525US-DB390A, Presario 2526 Series, Presario 2526AI-DV553PA, Presario 2526EA-DD660A, Presario 2526EU-DP877E, Presario 2527 Series, Presario 2527AI-DV554PA, Presario 2527EU-DP883E, Presario 2528 Series, Presario 2528AI-DV555PA, Presario 2528AP-DG083A, Presario 2528AT-PM192PS, Presario 2528EA-DF855A, Presario 2528EU-DP886E, Presario 2529 Series, Presario 2529AI-DV556P, Presario 2529CL-DE867A, Presario 2529CL-DE867AR, Presario 2529EA-DG226A, Presario 2529EA-DG912A, Presario 2529EU-DP888E, Presario 2530 Series, Presario 2530AI-DV557P, Presario 2530AP-DC719A, Presario 2530EA-DM665A, Presario 2530EU-DP890E, Presario 2531 Series, Presario 2531AI-DV558P, Presario 2531EA-DG631A, Presario 2531EU-DP887E, Presario 2532 Series, Presario 2532AI-DV559P, Presario 2532EA-DG632A, Presario 2532EU-DU589E, Presario 2533 Series, Presario 2533AI-DY706PA, Presario 2533EA-DG634A, Presario 2534 Series, Presario 2534AI-DX829P, Presario 2535 Series, Presario 2535AI-DY708PA, Presario 2535AP - (DG085A), Presario 2535AP-DC723A, Presario 2535EA-DM952A, Presario 2535EU-DV263E, Presario 2535QV-DB391A, Presario 2535QV-DC973A, Presario 2535QV-DC973AR, Presario 2536 Series, Presario 2536AI-DY709PA, Presario 2536EU-DX727EA, Presario 2537 Series, Presario 2537AI-DY710PA, Presario 2537EA-DK776A, Presario 2537EU-DV258E, Presario 2538 Series, Presario 2538AI-DY711PA, Presario 2538AP-DG086A, Presario 2538CL-DC969A, Presario 2538CL-DC969AR, Presario 2538EA-DG914A, Presario 2538EU-DV266E, Presario 2539 Series, Presario 2539AI-DY712PA, Presario 2539EA-DG635A, Presario 2540 Series, Presario 2540AI-DY713PA, Presario 2540AP-DC716A, Presario 2540EA-DG098A, Presario 2540LA-DV766L, Presario 2541 Series, Presario 2541AI-DY714PA, Presario 2541EA-DG227A, Presario 2542 Series, Presario 2542AI-DY715PA, Presario 2542EA-DG633A, Presario 2543 Series, Presario 2543AI-DY716PA, Presario 2543AP-DG081A, Presario 2543AP-DG088A, Presario 2543EA-DM953A, Presario 2544 Series, Presario 2544AI-DY717PA, Presario 2544EA-DN668A, Presario 2545 Series, Presario 2545AI-DY718PA, Presario 2545AP-DC724A, Presario 2545AP-DG089A, Presario 2545US-DC970A, Presario 2545US-DC970AR, Presario 2546 Series, Presario 2546AI-DY719PA, Presario 2546EA-DK730A, Presario 2546EA-PB841EA, Presario 2547 Series, Presario 2547AI-DY720PA, Presario 2547EA-DN669A, Presario 2547EA-PB842EA, Presario 2548 Series, Presario 2548AI-DY721PA, Presario 2548AP-DG090A, Presario 2548EA - (DG913A), Presario 2549 Series, Presario 2549AI-DY722PA, Presario 2549EA-DG915A, Presario 2550 Series, Presario 2550AI-DY723PA, Presario 2550AP-DC725A, Presario 2550CA-DF859A, Presario 2550CA-DF859AR, Presario 2550EA-DF810A, Presario 2551 Series, Presario 2551AI-DY724PA, Presario 2551EU-DV259E, Presario 2552 Series, Presario 2552AI-DY725PA, Presario 2552EA-DN679A, Presario 2553 Series, Presario 2553AI-DY726PA, Presario 2554 Series, Presario 2554AI-DY727PA, Presario 2554EA-DM954A, Presario 2555 Series, Presario 2555AI-DY728PA, Presario 2555AP-DC726A, Presario 2555AP-DG093A, Presario 2555EU-DV260E, Presario 2555US-DC972A, Presario 2556 Series, Presario 2556AI-DY729PA, Presario 2557 Series, Presario 2557AI-DY730PA, Presario 2557EU-DX728EA, Presario 2558 Series, Presario 2558AI-DY731PA, Presario 2558AP-DG094A, Presario 2558EA-DM955A, Presario 2558EU-DX722E, Presario 2559 Series, Presario 2559AI-DY732PA, Presario 2560 Series, Presario 2560AI-DY733PA, Presario 2560AP-DC727A, Presario 2560AP-DG095A, Presario 2560EA-DM426A, Presario 2561 Series, Presario 2561AI-DY734PA, Presario 2561US-DK561A, Presario 2562 Series, Presario 2562AI-DX834PA, Presario 2562AP-DG096A, Presario 2563 Series, Presario 2563AI-DX835PA, Presario 2564 Series, Presario 2564AI-PA095PA, Presario 2565 Series, Presario 2565AI-PA096PA, Presario 2565AP-DC728A, Presario 2565AP-DG228A, Presario 2565EA-DM666A, Presario 2566 Series, Presario 2566AI-PA097PA, Presario 2566AP-DG229A, Presario 2567 Series, Presario 2567AI-PA098PA, Presario 2567AP-DG629A, Presario 2568 Series, Presario 2568AI-PA099PA, Presario 2568AP-DG630A, Presario 2568CL-DK560A, Presario 2568CL-DK560AR, Presario 2569 Series, Presario 2569AI-PA100PA, Presario 2569AP-DL440A, Presario 2570 Series, Presario 2570AI-PA101PA, Presario 2570AP-DM557A, Presario 2570CA-DK562A, Presario 2570CA-DK562AR, Presario 2570EA-DL939A, Presario 2570US-DK558A, Presario 2570US-DK558AR, Presario 2571 Series, Presario 2571AI-PA102PA, Presario 2571AP-DM558A, Presario 2572 Series, Presario 2572AI-PA103PA, Presario 2572AP-DM671A, Presario 2572EA-DM956A, Presario 2573 Series, Presario 2573AI-PA104PA, Presario 2573AP-DM672A, Presario 2574 Series, Presario 2574AG-DM667A, Presario 2574AI-PA105PA, Presario 2575 Series, Presario 2575AI-PA106PA, Presario 2575US-DK559A, Presario 2575US-DK559AR, Presario 2576 Series, Presario 2576AG-DM669A, Presario 2576AI-PA107PA, Presario 2577 Series, Presario 2577AI-PA108PA, Presario 2578 Series, Presario 2578AI-PA109PA, Presario 2579 Series, Presario 2579AI-PA110PA, Presario 2580 Series, Presario 2580AI-PA111PA, Presario 2580CA-DM763A, Presario 2580CA-DM763AR, Presario 2580US-DM758A, Presario 2580US-DM758AR, Presario 2581 Series, Presario 2581AI-PA112PA, Presario 2581US-DM757A, Presario 2581US-DM757AR, Presario 2582 Series, Presario 2582AG-DN660A, Presario 2582AI-PA113PA, Presario 2583 Series, Presario 2583AI-PA114PA, Presario 2584 Series, Presario 2584AI-PA115PA, Presario 2585 Series, Presario 2585AI-PD139PA, Presario 2585US-DM760A, Presario 2585US-DM760AR, Presario 2586 Series, Presario 2586AI-PD152PA, Presario 2586AT-DY590PS, Presario 2587 Series, Presario 2587AT-DY591PS, Presario 2588 Series, Presario 2588AT-DZ207PS, Presario 2589 Series, Presario 2589AT-DZ208PS, Presario 2590 Series, Presario 2590AT-DZ209PS, Presario 2590US-DM761A, Presario 2590US-DM761AR, Presario 2591 Series, Presario 2591AT-DZ210PS, Presario 2591US-DS544U, Presario 2591US-DS544UR, Presario 2592 Series, Presario 2592AT-DZ232PC, Presario 2592US-DZ370U, Presario 2592US-DZ370UR, Presario 2593 Series, Presario 2593AT-DZ233PC, Presario 2593US-DZ369U, Presario 2594 Series, Presario 2594AT-DZ234PC, Presario 2594US-DU920U, Presario 2594US-DU920UR, Presario 2595 Series, Presario 2595AT-DZ235PC, Presario 2596 Series, Presario 2596AT-DZ236PC, Presario 2596US-DS542U, Presario 2596US-DS542UR, Presario 2597 Series, Presario 2597AT-DZ237PC, Presario 2597CL-DU919U, Presario 2597CL-DU919UR, Presario 2597US-DS549U, Presario 2597US-DS549UR, Presario 2598 Series, Presario 2598AT-DZ238PC, Presario 2598CL-DM762A, Presario 2598US-DS543U, Presario 2598US-DS543UR, Presario 2599 Series, Presario 2599AT-DZ615PS, Presario 2599US-DS545U, Presario2112EA-DD513A, Presario2112EA-DM404A, Presario2201US-PM044UAR, Presario2203US-PM046UAR, Presario2204US-PM051UAR, Presario2223US-PR310UAR, Presario2599US-DS545UR,
Business Notebook N1050v Series, Business Notebook NX9000 Series, Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ127S, Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ128S, Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ145S, Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ149S, Business Notebook nx9005 -DJ161S, Business Notebook NX9005 Series, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ163A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ163T, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ164A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ175S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ180S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ194S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ195S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ197S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ198S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ208S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ221S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ222T, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ248S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ251S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ260A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ269S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ318A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ318T, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ319A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ319T, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ325A, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ331S, Business Notebook nx9005- DJ341S, Business Notebook NX9005-470061-445, Business Notebook NX9005-470061-446, Business Notebook NX9005-DF988A, Business Notebook NX9005-DF989A, Business Notebook NX9005-DF990A, Business Notebook NX9005-DF992A, Business Notebook NX9005-DF993A, Business Notebook NX9005-DF994A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG194A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG195A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG196A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG200A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG201A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG202A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG203A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG220T, Business Notebook NX9005-DG221T, Business Notebook NX9005-DG222T, Business Notebook NX9005-DG670A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG671A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG832A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG832T, Business Notebook NX9005-DG833A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG834A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG835A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG836A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG837A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG838A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG839A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG840A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG841A, Business Notebook NX9005-DG939AV, Business Notebook NX9005-DH905A, Business Notebook NX9005-DH949U, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ127S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ128S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ145S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ149S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ161S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ163A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ163T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ164A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ164T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ175S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ180S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ194S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ195S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ197S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ198S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ208S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ221S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ222T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ248S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ251S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ260A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ260T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ269S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ318A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ318T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ319A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ319T, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ325A, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ331S, Business NoteBook NX9005-DJ341S, Business Notebook NX9005-DK780A, Business Notebook NX9005-DK781A, Business Notebook NX9005-DK782A, Business Notebook NX9005-DK783A, Business Notebook NX9005-DK992A, Business Notebook NX9005-DK993A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL143A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL211P, Business Notebook NX9005-DL431A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL432A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL433A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL434A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL435A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL436A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL437A, Business Notebook NX9005-DL798A, Business Notebook NX9005-DM327P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM815AV, Business Notebook NX9005-DM884P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM888P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM895P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM897P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM898P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM899P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM900P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM906P, Business Notebook NX9005-DM995S, Business Notebook NX9005-DN805A, Business Notebook NX9005-DN806A, Business Notebook NX9005-DN846A, Business Notebook NX9005-DN846T, Business Notebook NX9005-DN851C, Business Notebook NX9005-DN865P, Business Notebook NX9005-DN866P, Business Notebook NX9005-DP090A, Business Notebook NX9005-DP091A, Business Notebook NX9005-DP092A, Business Notebook NX9005-DP123C, Business Notebook NX9005-DP363S, Business Notebook NX9005-DP704A, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ513P, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ514P, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ515P, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ516P, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ840A, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ893P, Business Notebook NX9005-DQ894P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR133P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR181S, Business Notebook NX9005-DR364P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR365P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR366P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR582P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR766P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR848P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR849P, Business Notebook NX9005-DR855P, Business Notebook NX9005-DS306P, Business Notebook NX9005-DS313P, Business Notebook NX9005-DS322P, Business Notebook NX9005-DS792P, Business Notebook NX9005-DS852P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT608A, Business Notebook NX9005-DT647P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT648P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT649P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT650P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT651P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT652P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT700S, Business Notebook NX9005-DT958P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT959P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT960P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT961P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT962P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT963P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT964P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT965P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT966P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT967P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT968P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT969P, Business Notebook NX9005-DT970P, Business Notebook NX9005-DU299S, Business Notebook NX9005-DU300S, Business Notebook NX9005-DU328S, Business Notebook NX9005-DU343S, Business Notebook NX9005-DU350A, Business Notebook NX9005-DU350T, Business Notebook NX9005-DU351A, Business Notebook NX9005-DU351T, Business Notebook NX9005-DV101U, Business Notebook NX9005-DV459P, Business Notebook NX9005-DV460P, Business Notebook NX9005-DV482L, Business Notebook NX9005-DX391P, Business Notebook NX9005-DX866L, Business Notebook NX9005-DY804L, Business Notebook NX9005-DY805L, Business Notebook NX9005-DY806L, Business Notebook NX9005-DY845PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY846PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY847PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY852PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY853PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY854PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY855PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY856PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DY857PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ827PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ828PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ831PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ832PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ833PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ834PA, Business Notebook NX9005-DZ835PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA237PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA243PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA245PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA593PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA601PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA602PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA603PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PA616PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PB320PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PB321PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PB322PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PB323PA, Business Notebook NX9005-PB327PA, Business Notebook NX9008 Series, Business Notebook NX9008-DH941U, Business Notebook NX9008-DH942U, Business Notebook NX9010 Series, Business Notebook NX9010-DG071A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG072A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG073A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG074A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG075A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG076A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG076AR, Business Notebook NX9010-DG077A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG078A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG078AR, Business Notebook NX9010-DG231A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG232A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG233A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG234A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG235A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG236A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG237A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG238A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG239A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG240T, Business Notebook NX9010-DG241T, Business Notebook NX9010-DG242T, Business Notebook NX9010-DG243T, Business Notebook NX9010-DG638A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG639A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG640A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG641A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG642A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG643A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG644A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG645A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG646A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG647A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG887A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG890A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG891A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG893A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG895A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG897A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG900A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG901A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG902A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG903A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG904A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG905A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG906A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG907A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG908A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG909A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG910A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG911A, Business Notebook NX9010-DG938AV, Business Notebook NX9010-DH902A, Business Notebook NX9010-DH903A, Business Notebook NX9010-DH908U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH909U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH910U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH911U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH912U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH921U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH922U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH927U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH928U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH937U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH938U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH939U, Business Notebook NX9010-DH947U, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ123A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ123T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ124A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ124T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ157S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ162A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ162T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ172S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ193S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ206S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ207S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ225S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ229S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ230S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ250S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ253S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ262S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ263S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ265S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ266S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ267S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ274S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ275S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ278S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ281S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ284S, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ313A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ314A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ315A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ315T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ316A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ316T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ317A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ317T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ320A, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ320T, Business NoteBook NX9010-DJ347A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK444A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK445A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK770A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK771A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK772A, Business Notebook NX9010-DK940A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL039P, Business Notebook NX9010-DL141A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL438A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL800A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL801A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL802A, Business Notebook NX9010-DL803A, Business Notebook NX9010-DM896P, Business Notebook NX9010-DN576A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN576T, Business Notebook NX9010-DN581A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN581T, Business Notebook NX9010-DN727C, Business Notebook NX9010-DN775A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN775T, Business Notebook NX9010-DN802A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN803A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN804A, Business Notebook NX9010-DN870P, Business Notebook NX9010-DP089A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP162A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP163A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP164A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP165A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP166A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP167A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP168A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP169A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP170A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP171A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP172A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP173A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP174A, Business Notebook NX9010-DP364S, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ704AV, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ841A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ842A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ843A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ844A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ845A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ846A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ848A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ849A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ850A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ851A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ852A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ853A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ854A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ855A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ856A, Business Notebook NX9010-DQ888P, Business Notebook 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1. Attention when use your new Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery
How much do you know about how to run laptop well as any place? The follow Tips cut way back on protecting laptop battery life.

Teach you how to do here:
1). When first time using Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery, Please carefully read the user manual about Battery maintain parts.
2). Please fully charge at most 12 hours in first battery charge time. Bcause it is need three/four times for charge/discharge cycles to get the maximum capacity of battery.
3). If without using notebook long time(more than 3 weeks) or found that your battery charge/discharge time become shorter and shorter, you have to fully discharge the battery before next time charge again.
4). It is better to keep the laptop power off during charge the pack. And don't unplugged power or using your notebook during the battery half-way charge. The best time using is 30 minutes fully charge later.
5). Keep your battery far away from damp,exposure,and erosion some chemical liquids and others to avoid making battery short-circuit.

2. Seven good tips of Prolong your Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery life:
1). Please recharge or change your laptop battery when battery power low.
2). Using Li-Ion Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery for your notebook which can work longer time than Non Li-ion one.
3). It is better to defragmentation regularly for your notebook battery life.
4). In order to reduce the laptop power consumpition, you can use some optical drive spin-down and hard drive in your laptop.
5). Please keep your laptop in sleep or standby model without long time using, which both save the Replacement HP 113955-001 Laptop Battery power and extend battery using life.
6). Leave your battery in a dry and cool condition when without using.
7). When you rarely or generally plugged in fixed power using, Please take down your battery to avoid hurting battery life.

The batteries and adapters supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.